Portuguese presence at the International Engineering Fair (MSV) in Brno

From the 9th to the 13th October, the Brno Exhibition Centre held the International Engineering Fair (MSV), a “leading industrial trade fair in Central Europe with annual participation reaching more than 1500 exhibitors and 75000 visitors from  59 countries worldwide.(…) All nine of the key specialist sectors of the engineering industry are very well represented.”

The Portuguese industrial sector had a strong representation: the companies AMOB s. a., RICO, NS Máquinas and Mecânica Exacta – ME and Formental s. r. o. were present at the fair.

Representatives of the Portuguese Embassy in the Czech Republic attended the event and left a message to the Portuguese companies they found there:
“We are glad that the Portuguese companies are participating in this event with highly innovative and quality equipments
.” | “Jsme rádi, že se této akce účastní portugalské firmy s vysoce inovativními a technicky vyspělými řešeními.”

With the Director of Maqfort s.r.o., the representative of the companies AMOB s.a., RICO and NS Máquinas. | Společně s ředitelem společnosti Maqfort s.r.o., zástupce společností AMOB s.a., RICO a NS Máquinas.
With the Commercial Director of the Portuguese company Mecânica Exacta – ME and the Director of the Czech representative company Formetal s.r.o. | Společně s obchodním ředitelem portugalské společnosti Mecânica Exacta – ME a ředitelem české zastupující firmy Formetal s.r.o.




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