Portuguese artist exhibits at the National Gallery in Prague

The National Gallery in Prague Autumn Opening brought to the city the Portuguese artist Pedro Henriques‘ exhibition “Fasting“.
Since 19th October to the 7th January, it is possible to visit it at the Trade Fair Palace.

About “Fasting”, the National Gallery in Prague writes that the exhibition “brings together a series of recent and newly developed works branched under the notion of speed and its understanding and implications up on contemporary life. Through the use of prefabricated objects and volumetric use of text and imagery, Henriques constructs uncanny objects, the formal and conceptual quality serves as a continuous reference to the human body. Objects, which resemble prosthetics i.e. artificial extensions of the (human) body, question our present understanding of the human and its gradual transition from the human to its supposedly post-human form. The body here is dissolved trough a multiplicity of transparencies into fragments, which are re-organised and composed into new objects questioning contemporary methods of representation and appearance, but also, and most importantly, processes of cognition, materiality, virtually, artificiality and the context by which they are shaped. Using the cognitive methods applied up on the present world of the virtual as a tool for the construction of a world of its own, the present exhibition aims to construct a scenery of uncanny objects, whose seductive materiality reminds us of the growingly immaterial world we find ourselves in today.”

Along with the works by Pedro Henriques, a video by Miguel Soares, Portuguese artist and scholar, will be displayed.

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Este slideshow necessita de JavaScript.

Pedro Henriques - Fasting.jpg


The exhibition was curated by Markéta Stará Condeixa, curator and critic based between Prague, Czech Republic and Lisbon, Portugal.
“Fasting” is held under the auspices of the Embassy of the Portuguese Republic in Prague in cooperation with Centro de Língua Portuguesa Instituto Camões em Praga.


The Ambassador of Portugal in the Czech Republic, mrs. Manuela Franco, with the curator of the exhibition, Marketa Stara Condeixa, and Pedro Henriques


Meet the artists:

“Pedro Henriques (1985) work drifts between image and object making, frequently occupying a kind of 2.5 space, often having an undefined ambiguous perceptive nature. Having studied painting at Lisbon´s Fine Arts University, Pedro uses tools associated with several different practices, from printed wood to laser cut acrylic or modified ready made objects from an endless commerce driven world. His most recent exhibitions include: 23:59 (Gabinete, Lisbon, 2017), Solid State Drive (Galeria Pedro Alfacinha, Lisbon, 2016), Conversations: recent portuguese art in the Serralves collection (Serralves Museum, Oporto, 2016), Under the Clouds (Serralves Museum, Oporto, 2015), Novo Banco Revelação 2014  (Serralves Museum, Oporto, 2014), among others.”
Website: http://www.pedrohenriques.com/ 

“Miguel Soares (1970) lives and works in Lisbon. He studied photography at Ar.Co (Lisbon), making the photographic image a point of departure in his work. The study of design and applied arts at the Fine Arts Academy in Lisbon brought a direct engagement with sculptural objects and installations into his practice. By employing light, sound, video and movement Soares would explore interaction through motion detectors. His video and photographic work for which he is best known for and which determines his practice today, is often connected with science fiction, with the future of mankind and its creations, frequently displaying various levels of understanding, along with a latent political and humorous ambiguity. In 2008, Soares won the BES Photo Award. Recent exhibitions include Kunstraum (London), Culturgest (Lisbon), Museu da Electricidade (Lisbon), Galeria Graça Brandão (Lisbon), Location One (NYC), La Caixa (Barcelona) or Consolidated Works (Seattle) among others. Soares has been teaching multimedia art as invited professor at Universidade do Algarve, Universidade de Coimbra, and at Universidade de Évora.”
Website: http://migso.net/blog/


Source: http://ngprague.cz/en/exposition-detail/pedro-henriques-fasting/
The photographies were disposed to the National Gallery in Prague by Pedro Henriques.

In Czech: http://ngprague.cz/exposition-detail/introducing-pedro-henriques-pust


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