International Christmas Festival in Prague

Save the date: on the 26th November 2017, the Embassies accredited in Prague are gathering for the 20th International Christmas Festival of the Diplomatic Spouses Association.
Join us at the Hilton Hotel in Prague (Pobřežní 1, Praha 8), from 10h to 16h.

In the International Christmas Festival, it is possible to take a trip around the world without leaving Hilton’s Conference Hall, as each Embassy will have a stand full of its country’s best products: a parade of colourful costumes, flavours, aromas, art, music and dance.
A great opportunity to try that wine you read about or to buy someone a different gift for Christmas, right?

Beyond its multicultural character, this is also a charity event: all revenues gathered in tickets and products sales will be redistributed through grants to Czech charitable organizations.


The Diplomatic Spouses Association is a voluntary, non-profit, non-political and independent international organization based in Prague, whose members are spouses of the Diplomatic Corps accredited in the Czech Republic.
Created in 1997, the DSA organizes the International Christmas Festival every year. Since 2000, it was able to raise more than 66 million CZK (more than 2.5 million Euros) to charity instituitions.
Being one of the most prestigious and sought-after Christmas events,  the International Christmas Festival attracts thousands of visitors each year and is traditionally opened by the First Lady.

Mrs. Ivana Zemanová, patroness of the Festival, about the event: “In the Czech Republic we call Christmas the holiday of peace and good will. The Festival represents exactly that – the achievements of people who despite their different cultures, languages or faith are united by their good will and generosity toward others. It will be my pleasure to again open this festival for public,”

The Portuguese stand will be filled with offers from our partners, who again were generous enough to donate some of the best products they make.
Visit us on the 26th November to find a wide diversity of Portuguese products, from wines to candles:

– ANICP – Associação Nacional de Industriais de Conservas de Peixe;
– Claus Porto;
– Docapesca;
– Azeite Gallo;
– Renova;
– Burel;
– Casa do Azeite –  Associação do Azeite de Portugal;
– Caza das Vellas do Loreto;
Citadin Shoes;
– Azeite Oliveira da Serra;
– Azeite Serrata;
– Azeite Monterosa;
– Azeite Oliveira Ramos;
– Azeite Álamos;
– Azeite Maçarico;
– Bramko Semice;
– Dobré portské;
– Riobraz;
– A Portuguesa;
– Cerfis Wines;
– K2T;
– KJZ spol. s. r. o.;
– Likor s. r. o.;
– Oliveira – Wine | Tapas | Market;
– Portugalská vinotéka;
– Vína z Portugalska;
– VPV Praha.



For more information about the International Christmas Festival:
DSA Website:
Facebook Event:
Information in Czech: ´Tisková zpráva_DSA_Festival_2017 CZ
PR in English: Press_release_DSA_Festival_2017

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