Madeira Island on the route of the best Christmas markets in Europe

Portugal has got European Best Destinations‘ attention lately.
After electing Porto as the best place to travel in 2017, the organization is now choosing Madeira Island is now on the list of cities with must-see Christmas markets.

“Winter in Europe is a wonderful time to visit the most beautiful Christmas markets. If you are looking for Christmas presents and dream of the lovely smell of a Christmas tree or the lovely sound of Christmas carols, please dive into our selection of the best Christmas markets in Europe, the best destinations for perfect Christmas holidays.”

Best Christmas Markets

In a list of 20 Christmas Markets around Europe, Madeira Island’s is the 14th:

14. Madeira Islands – Portugal
Madeira, a Portuguese island, celebrates to the fullest the arrival of Christmas season, with a traditional Christmas market, held in Avenida Arriaga central walkways, at the heart of its main capital – Funchal.

Discover the variety of products in display, exotic flowers and other traditional souvenirs, while experiencing and tasting some of the typical delicacies and drinks of this season, while enjoying the merriment and a very welcoming ambience. Partake in the glee of this season festivities, enjoy the daily activities and entertainment shows, such as Christmas Carols and performances by folklore groups.
When ? From 1st December 2017 to 7th January 2018″

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More information on Madeira’s Christmas festivities:

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