Claus Porto

Claus Porto is a reknown brand of soaps, candles, hand creams, aftershaves, and other related products.
You may have come across to the Belle Époque-styled packagings, the vibrant and delicate smells, or even Oprah Winfrey’s recommendation (here).

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In addition to the beautifully designed, top quality products, there’s a past full of history:

“Captivating scents, ornate design and old-world craftsmanship have been the pillars of Claus Porto’s beauty and fragrance house for over a century. We’ve built our name on hand-crafted soaps infused with fine fragrances, which draw on ingredients from Portugal’s flora, imbued with an artisan’s heart and soul, all wrapped by hand in packaging illustrated with distinctive artwork.”

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This evolution led to what we find nowadays:

“Every product shines with the influence of the house’s vintage graphic designs, which give a sense of being transported to the glamourous decadence of Belle Époque Europe. And Claus Porto’s factory is still installed in its home city of Porto, where the soaps are crafted using mechanical, old-world methods. (…) [For] Over more than 100 years and 4 generations, Claus Porto has maintained its authenticity, developing its expertise in perfumes and cosmetics, along with a hand-crafted ethos. The house’s archive also holds an incredible portfolio of hand-made colorful labels and patterns, each conveying a unique personality.”

The importance of keeping tradition reflects on the production process: the brand has strict quality certification criteria, that combines their over-100 year old savoir faire with modern processes.

“It all starts with the blending process, which is influenced by Claus Porto’s decades of expertise, while the contemporary formulas are enriched with the finest ingredients.”

CraftCraft 2
As a result, Claus Porto presents to the consummer a range of products that are a treat for eye, the smell, and the skin.


To celebrate the company’s 130th anniversary, a book with its history was launched:
“We’re very proud to announce the release of a major new book, chronicling Claus Porto’s history and showcasing the unique designs, patterns and labels that have made our brand a style icon for the past 130 years. The full-colour, 240 page book has a bilingual text in English and Portuguese.”

2017 was also the year when Claus Porto finally opened a store in the city that saw it grow: Porto. And it is not just any store: it will include a museum of the brand and a space for workshops.
“The new store was conceived to showcase Claus Porto products in the hometown where they have long been a quintessential part of the commercial and cultural landscape. It’s located in a typical three-story 19th-century Porto townhouse on the appropriately named Rua das Flores. The “street of flowers” is one of the city’s most evocative thoroughfares. Lined with baroque churches, cool cafes and decadent palaces, it curves down from the magnificent, tile-clad São Bento railway station to the gourmet hub of Largo São Domingos and the bustling riverside Ribeira district beyond.
(…) The store fills the building, covering a total floor space of around 300m3. That includes a museum displaying the brand’s heritage; a relaxing lounge where gentlemen visitors can enjoy an old-school hot-towel shaving experience with our Musgo Real range of male pampering products; and a multifunctional top-floor space offering fabulous views toward Porto’s 12th-century cathedral, plus a chance to discover some of the techniques behind Claus Porto soaps and perfumes in our mini factory lab.”

Claus Porto store in Porto
Claus Porto was one of the brands present at the Portuguese stall in this year’s International Christmas Festival, at the Hotel Hilton in Prague. Read more about it here.

To get to know more about Claus Porto:
Porto store: Rua das Flores 22, Porto
Lisbon store: Rua da Misericórdia 135, Lisbon (Chiado)

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