Center of Portugal: a region to discover and an awarded promotional video

The center region of Portugal is a diverse one.
Comprehended between the districts of Aveiro and Óbidos, from Peniche to Guarda, the center offers the best of the sea and the mountain, and many other things in between. It has 100 municipalities, divided among 7 subregions.

Map of the Center of Portugal
Art and culture, gastronomy and wines, sports, open air, religious tourism, thematic routes, nature, surf, beaches, health and well being, golf and heritage,… you name it! There are options for all types of experiences.

To find all the information about the Center region, there is the Turismo Centro de Portugal platform: on their website, it is displayed content about touristic/worth visiting sites, events happing across the region, promotional materials (self produced), practical information (how to get there, advice for travellers), and even a collection of testemonies by previous visitors.
The goal is to promote the region and raise awareness to its diversity and everything it has to offer.

Turismo Centro de Portugal
“Discover a country within a country. An unforgettable experience in the Center of Portugal may start with a simple gesture. Start your journey.”


One of the most recent works by Turismo Centro de Portugal has been a topic of conversation.
The promotional video “Escolho o Centro de Portugal” (“I Choose the Center of Portugal”) displays the richness and variety of the Center region: it is “full of breathtaking views, sensations and experiences”, sounds and colours, history and heritage.

Since 2016, it has won several awards in international film festivals:
– Grand Prix – Best Portuguese Film, at the ART&TUR Festival (Portugal, October 2016);
– 1st Prize in the category “Touristic Destinations – Regions”, at the ART&TUR Festival (Portugal, October 2016);
– Awarded in the Tourism Destination/Country category, at the International Tourism Film Festival (Istanbul, June 2017);
– Silver Screen International Prize, at the 50th International Film and Video Festival (Los Angeles, August 2017);
– Silver Wave award in the category “Best Tourist Film”, at the SILAFEST – International Festival of Tourist and Ecology Film (Serbia, September 2017);
– Special Award of the Director of the Festival, at the Zagreb Tourfilm Festival 2017 (Croatia, September 2017);
– 1st Award in the “Promo spot up to 3 min” category, at the Tourfilm Festival (Karlovy Vary, October 2017);
– City Mayor Prize, at the Tourfilm Festival (Karlovy Vary, October 2017);
– 1st Award for the Best Promotional Film of Region, at the 12th Film, Art & Tourism Festival – FilmAT (Warsaw, November 2017).

The film was produced by Slideshow and directed by Sara Reis.



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